Why Did Queenie Kill Her Husband?

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Can one ever imagine a wife killing her husband? Things like falling down the stairs and dying accidentally do not happen very frequently, so it is believable that Queenie Volupides killed her husband. When Queenie got home one night after partying, she supposedly found her husband dead at the bottom of their stairs. Queenie is guilty because she left the club before her friends left, was drunk when she got home, and she wasn 't trying to help her husband fight for his life. Why would she kill her husband? When Queenie was out partying, she happened to drink a little too much, and she ended up getting drunk. When people are drunk, they tend to do things that they do not really mean to do. It 's as if they are not really themselves. It is possible that she killed her husband, but she just couldn 't remember doing it. Queenie was home alone when the murder happened. Queenie decided that she was ready to go home after a long night of partying, but Queenie’s friends and she wanted one more drink. They all…show more content…
Queenie could be innocent because Arthur was drunk when this happened, so others might think that he really did fall down the stairs. Queenie might not have done anything to help him because maybe she was in shock and didn 't know what to do. She also might have left the club early because she felt that something was wrong because she hadn 't heard from her husband all night. Since Arthur was drunk it 's a big possibility that he fell down the stairs, but the fall probably didn 't kill him. The killing would haft to be blamed on Queenie. In conclusion, after having the facts stated it still seems like Queenie is guilty. She was with Arthur when other people weren 't, and that gave her time to commit the crime. She was drunk when this happens, so it is possible that she didn 't realize what she was doing. The police could use this evidence as a theory of the crime. Queenie could possibly be in a lot of trouble if the crime is

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