Why Did Reconstruction Fail In The Civil War

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The Civil War maintained the union and freed the slaves. Reconstruction excluded the political focus on certain areas. However slaves were freed. They gained civil liberties and lost long term racial action. The union needed to effectively bring the south back to position, and the interest in the economy. Even though the government failed. The people never gave up on want they wanted. There were two very important people in this and they were Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. Lincoln offered a 10% plan. This plan was about rejoining the union. Soon after he was murder. Obviously he was catching other people 's attention for someone to do this. This person was intimidated by Lincoln. in another hand there was Andrew Johnson, he also wanted to rebuild the union soon after lincoln was murdered. Reconstruction failed in the Civil War, some failures from the North effectively rebuilt the South. It brought the union of reconstruction after period of time. My first source that i have came across by is a picture representing the slaves getting told what to do and where to go. Then the second source was…show more content…
When the union won the civil war in 1865 it gave millions slaves their freedom but there was a bigger process in rebuilding the south. As Andrew Johnson in 1865 new southern state leaders passed “Blacks Codes” to control the behavior of former slaves and blacks. Many people in the north were very upset about these codes. since the North was very upset with this indecent that happened. It wore away their supporter known as the presidential reconstruction and led to victories of the radical parts of the republican party. During the radical reconstruction that happen in 1867, blacks finally gained opportunity to speak for the first time in american history. They were able to win elections to southern states leaders and even congress. However there were many groups that didn 't not like blacks and they came back in a violent way for them to restore power from the
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