Why Did Red Win The Civil War In 1918 Essay

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In 1918, red won the civil war against white. Red was Bolshevik that was led by Lenin, and White was organisation that people who didn’t support Bolshevik made. So White was opponent of red. Actually the war stated by accident, but its size got bigger and bigger. The beginning of the war is this. 45,000 Czech was going back to their home in 1918. While they were being sent to their home, they get in trouble with local soviet. Other countries like British, Czech, America, and many other countries though it was chance for them to fight against Russia, because they hated communism of Russia. It was a good excuse for them to join the war. Red tried to deal with uprising, but white had reasons that they needed war and win in the war.

There are few reasons of victory of Red in Russia Civil war in 1918. The reasons include their specific goal, controlling of army, more systematic than White, and brilliant and great leader. One of the biggest reason of White’s defeat was they weren’t united as Red. They were one of coalition that was made by people from lots of different countries. So they weren’t also systematic as Red. For example in
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The Red(Bolshevik) had strong and powerful army that was controlled by Trotsky. Also Red had lots of advantages like geographical knowledge, size of army, and their motivation for their goals. The army of Red was controlled by Trotsky, and Trotsky paid price early for their action for people to being high spirits. They got more reasons to keep ruling communist. This was their motivation of victory in the Civil War. So they needed active army and powerful army to lead Red to victory and keep communist still in Russia. Lenin’s wisely choice helped Red to prepare for Civil War too. He knew Russia had to get out of WW1 even though they had to sign Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. So they could have more time to prepare for the Civil

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