Why Did Rome Build The Colosseum

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One of the greatest architectural marvels of all time, the Roman Colosseum has astonished the world for almost two thousand years and by showing Rome’s power and wealth. The Romans were big fans of many different forms of entertainment such as athletic games, board games, and even gladiator fights. The Colosseum was used to host these games and entertainment for thousands of people to watch and enjoy. The Colosseum represented much that was great about Rome such as its architecture, leaders, citizens, and much more. Being built in the 70’s and 80’s A.D., the Colosseum is one of the oldest standing structures to this day. One of the many reasons it is still standing today is because of its architecture. Much thought went into the construction of the Colosseum so that it would be a symbol of Rome known all over the world. Some of the most brilliant architects and engineers of the time were hired to help make the Colosseum outstanding. It took around eight years and 100,000 prisoners to build the Colosseum. The price to build the Colosseum is not exactly known but Emperor Titus sold many famous treasures of Jerusalem to fund the building.…show more content…
Vespasian ruled after Emperor Nero, who had destroyed the city with a great fire. Vespasian believed the city needed something big and magnificent and that would stand out and so he built the Colosseum. The construction of the Colosseum began between 73-75 A.D. In 79 A.D., Vespasian died before it was finished being built. Vespasian’s son Titus took control of the empire and finished the building of the Colosseum in 81 A.D. That same year the games and entertainment had begun, but it was not for another few years the all the details were

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