Why Did Rome Last So Long Essay

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I think Rome lasted as long as it did because, they had a complex Society they were able to conquer neighboring empires and give them a chance to govern them self as long as they paid taxes, give troops to Rome in the hope of becoming Romans. Roman way of building roads ,water systems was another key to success the army or officials could reach anywhere in Rome in days. Rome army was one that could fight for years on end and could fight individually using legions to conquered no matter how many romans you killed in battle they would just raise another army an learn from mistakes and example of this is Hannibal he was able to beat the armies of Rome but could not beat Rome itself they would just raise another army and keep fight. The Roman Empire eventually sent anther legion to his home which is where he lost no army could out last and supply as many troops relentlessly and Rome did. Rome fails because of bad leadership for starters they had poor Emperors and…show more content…
The barbarians learned Roman tactics and band together they became a formidable foe that Rome just set up out post and left alone. Their reliance on Germanic people to fight in the army when people didn’t want to fight in the Roman army anymore. The Antonine Plague, and The Plague of Cyprian also took many of Rome troop one in three die with none Roman people fighting they had no loyalty and were able to infiltrate Roman society. Their dependency on Slaves lead to down fall also they had a lack of slaves I believe after they had conquered all that they could that have to other societies to gain slaves from and the adoption of Christianity lead to letting slaves go and without slaves much of the work stop getting done from civil work projects to daily task such as farming. There are many reason that Rome failed and they all worked

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