Why Did Romeo And Juliet Kill Themselves Essay

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In the end Romeo and Juliet did they actually have to kill themselves, their answer is yes they did. Romeo and Juliet caused their own death based on their actions. Because Romeo and Juliet did not communicate their love they had for eachother, they had to lie and keep secrets when confronted, thus leading to their demise. Romeo is too quick too think, Juliet got scared easily when she was confronted, and they both did not want to tell anyone they loved each other. In the moment Romeo was too quick to think with many things, but one being the greatest. When Romeo say juliet 's dead body he went right away to kill himself without thinking first. “Here 's to my love, (Drinks Poison) I will die quickly, but i will kiss you once more”(Shakespeare 5.3.119-120). Romeo sees…show more content…
When Juliet was confronted by her father and told she would marry paris she freaked out, and got really scared. After Juliet heard she would marry paris she went to Friar and asked for a sleeping potion. Once getting home she took it. “Should I kill myself?, no i should not. Nurse bring me the bottle, I need to drink it, I don 't want to marry Paris. Is this the way to do it though, it is isn 't it? You know what I will take this for my Romeo. I hope this works if it does don 't worry Nurse I will wake soon”(Shakespeare 4.3.14-50). During this moment Juliet is debating if she should or should not take the potion, if she did he family would believe her dead. She did decided to take it in the end so she could be with romeo. She chose Romeo over her own family, because she loved him so great and she knew should would not marry paris so this was the only thing she thought she could do. It wasn 't, she could 've told her father everything that had happened in the past with Romeo. But she did not she kept it a secret and had to lie to her father by faking her death. This all could 've been avoided if juliet did not get scared when she was confronted and decided to tell her father everything, and not
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