Why Did Rosa Parks Want To Change The World

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Rosa Parks has been an inspiration too many people. When she was going through tough times with family she was having wars with other people and trying to protect herself. She was one of those people who wanted to change the world and herself.Rosa Parks is an inspiration to most people because she changed an economy, and she changed history.
“I’m tried of being treated like a second-class citizen.” Said Rosa Parks. Rather just complain about it like many others, Mrs. Parks decided to take action.Rosa parks was put up with some terrible treatment on city buses, as well as stores, restaurants,movies theatres, and other places over the years. 1 I think Mrs. Parks had a right to come clean and say the truth of how she was feeling and how hurt she got, also she was doing what was right for the community around her.Rosa Parks decided to change the world by, starting a boycott and fought to change the rules to equal rights on the buses and public
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What I mean by that is the people on the internet and wikipedia, got the Rosa Parks story wrong and they were telling everyone different stories and their side of how they thought it went.When Republican presidential contenders were asked to pick a women they they wanted on the $10 bill,the largest number of votes went to Parks. 5 Most of the internet websites thought that Rosa Parks was a bad person and didn't think she would get on the $10 bill. Almost half of the people voted for Rosa Parks. Mrs. Parks is both irish and Scottish. Her great grandmother was a slave. When Rosa was only 11 she went to an all girls school. Later after that she got out of school take care of her grandmother. 6 Inside of Rosa Parks you can tell she is a kind person inside and not all bad on the outside.In 1932 she married Raymond Parks, a barber from Montgomery. Mrs. Parks also attended meetings defending the rights of black people and seeking to prevent injustice.
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