Two Types Of Antibiotics Essay

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There are many types of antibiotics [3], and I will write about some of them. Some antibiotics enter the body immediately and attack the DNA in the bacteria. As we know, every organism has cells, and one of the most important in these cells is DNA, because it controls everything inside the cell, so it will be very effective in attacking DNA inside the cells. After that, the bacteria can not survive, so we will have gotten rid of it. In this situation, we have two ways to attack DNA. One of them is attacking DNA directly. Such as in Naldecen. The other type is attacking DNA indirectly. Such as in Selfndel. The second type is antibiotics that affect the proteins in the bacteria cells. This is another way to destroy the bacteria. For example, the antibiotics that name are Lenkomaisen and Macrolede. Another type of antibiotics is which attack the cell membrane. Such as in Benslimit and Bastrsin. The antibiotics are one of the most useful thing that the scientists discovered. Because now, it is a big reason to the treatment and they use it to the treatment, and they use it a lot now days [1]. How did scientists discover antibiotics? In the…show more content…
One of the most common causes is a bacterium. Also, there are many ways to eradicate the bacteria that enter our bodies. The best way to get rid of these harmful bacteria is by antibiotics. It is not easy to determine which type of antibiotics you have to take. When a person who specializes in medicine does a lot of examination in the patient, he chooses the exact one for you. The antibiotics enter your body and start fighting with these harmful bacteria. The process of fighting for each antibiotic is different. Some of them attack the bacteria cell membrane, so the bacteria cells will die. Another way to fight bacteria is to destroy the protein inside the bacteria cells. Antibiotics are effective on toxic
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