Why Did Sea Exploration Shape Australia's History

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Why did the great journeys of exploration occur?
This occurred because early explorers wanted to find a new place that could could rule for themselves.

2. How did sea exploration shape Australia 's history?
Exploration shaped Australia because if sea explorers did not come to Australia. It would not be known today as it is.

3. What was life like for Aboriginal people before the arrival of the white faced people?
Everything was peaceful and calm and they would not have any wars or man-made guns to fight, and that is why when the Europeans came to Australia there was big war fights between them and they claimed the land as their own because the small spears were no match for the guns. But most of the aboriginals survived and repopulate.

4. Why did the
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5. What was the nature and consequences of contact between Aboriginal people and the early traders, explorers and settlers?
The contact between the Aboriginals and the early explorers was that they didn 't understand each other 's languages so there grew a war about who claimed the land for themselves.

6. Who was the explorer?
His name was Dirk Hartog. He was from the Netherlands . He was a wide Dutch sea captain will curly hair and looked like girl.

7. Where and when did he explore?
He explored close to Shark Bay now called Dirk Hartog Island. He explored in 1616 but didn 't stay there and continued exploring on different continents.

8. What is his story?
Little is known about Dirk Hartog because his journal was lost with all his observations about the coast and imformation about his life.

9. Where did he want to go?
He thought he would like to be a Dutch sea captain and explore different lands and claim them for himself but, got home sick and came racing back home.

10. How did he navigate?
He explored in a ship.

11. What was life like onboard a ship?
He liked being a Dutch sea captain, but got homesick and came back to Amsterdam.

12. Did the exploration impact on Aboriginal
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