Why Did Shakespeare Really Paid Shakespeare?

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Shakespeare is said to have written a notoriously crazy amount of plays as well as sonnets in the short fifty-one years he lived. It is not confirmed that he was very well educated, if he was educated and yet his work is so enthralling. Due to these conditions the question has arisen, did Shakespeare really write anything? This question was introduced as a joke, but now has grown into something much more. There are now many alternative authors that may have paid Shakespeare to publish their work under their names. An interesting twist. The three most famous ones are Sir Francis Bacon, Christopher Marlowe, and Edward DeVere. Sir Francis Bacon, best known for the quote “Knowledge is power”, educated himself at some very nice schools. This turned into a gateway for him to become a member of the Privy Council and earn the title Lord Chancellor. Sir Francis Bacon learned to become what is best called an aristocratic politician. Aristocratic politicians were expected to do many things, such as remain steady and confident not living by your emotions, and because of this they were expected to not do other things like live with the eyes of an artist or write plays. Due to this it has been pondered…show more content…
Now, it makes a person wonder, why would a playwriter want to hide his identity when it came to his plays? What author wants someone else to publish their word. Well the answer befits a royal mystery, he died. Yes, twenty-one years before the Shakespeare plays he is suspected of writing he died. But, those plays not only have been analyzed by computers to show the word usage and sentence pattern practically the same to Christopher Marlowe’s word, and if he had lived he would have been taken to jail. Due to these facts and speculations it appears he may have faked his own death and continued writing in Shakespeare’s

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