Why Did So Many Immigrants Come To America

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Immigrants come to the United States of America for many different reasons. Whether they come for jobs, love or a place of safety United States is known as the Land of Opportunity. The reason immigration is so attractive to America is because it is “land of opportunity”. America offered jobs, love, safety, security, and freedom from persecution. To many immigrants, America is seen as a place where they could start over with an equal chance of success or failure, no matter what country he or she came from. My informative name is Julio Acevedo. I had Sunday dinner with him and his family. I was not prepared to have dinner, but it is part of their traditions to feed their guest. Plus I did not want to offend anyone by refusing their hospitality. Due to the language barrier I had his stepdaughter that is my classmate in Human Behavior class to…show more content…
Julio told me about holiday traditions from Mexico for instance during Christmas a celebration called Las Posadas which is from Dec. 16-24. Its festivals that are held during this time we would go to Mexico when he was younger. He would take his children during Christmas break so they will know where they came from. Now he has gotten older and his eyesight is not as good as it used to be so it has gotten used to the traditions from America and does not visit his family often. I learn that Julio Mexican culture and my African American cultures are similar. For instance, family come first. My Granddad was a sharecropper who did what he had to do to take care of seventeen kids and a wife. When he was living he told stories over dinner like Julio. I learned to do not forget where you came from. Transitions my seems outdated, but it brings people together. By listening to Julio talk so passionate about his culture and the loss of culture that he feels the next generations is facing makes me want to know more about my
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