Why Did The Articles Of Confederation Made Up America's First Constitution

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The Articles of Confederation made up America’s first constitution. This constitution was hastily and poorly made and solved the problem of a lack of government in America. The Articles were designed to limit the government’s power over the citizens. The Articles of Confederation also did not include anything about an individual or a president to guide the country. This was because of the colonists’ past experience with Britain’s king and him having too much power over the people. The Articles had filled a lot of holes in the government system but left many unresolved problems and because of this, the Articles are considered to be a failed government system. After the revolution, America owed millions of borrowed money to other countries. The government had no right to tax the states for money and thus could not come up with the owed money. The Articles of Confederation failed to solve the country 's problem of debt…show more content…
Farmers’ lands were being taken away, they were forced to to take out loans, and were left in debt. Massachusetts was heavily taxing the farmers. This cause a rebellion of about 2,000 farmers that involved them burning down courthouses with records in them. The Articles failed to control this situation and the government did have enough power, nor money to stop the farmers. The state of Massachusetts had to rely on another state’s militia to control the rebellion. Many people believed that this event was caused by the Articles of Confederation being weak. The Articles of Confederation was a government system created in a time of haste and was a temporary solution. They caused more problems for America then they did solving them. This constitution focused too much on giving more power to the people and not enough on giving the right amount of power to the government. Washington said that this government system was a rushed and poorly structured
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