Why Did The Confederacy Win The Civil War

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In order to change history so that the Confederacy wins the Civil War, I would kill two influential people to the Union cause: Joshua L. Chamberlain and Ulysses S. Grant. I would make sure that Chamberlain was killed during in combat on Little Round Top during Gettysburg before he called for the swinging gate maneuver. If Chamberlain was unable to initiate the swinging gate maneuver that led to a Confederate defeat on Little Round Top, then the Confederates would have eventually overtaken the outgunned Union troops. By securing Little Round Top, The Confederates would have the perfect vantage point to attack and fire on the Union army, and such casualties could have led to a Confederate victory at Gettysburg. Grant’s death would also be a huge blow to the Union. If Grant had died before he captured Fort Donelson, then most likely the fort would not have been lost to the Union. The downfall of Fort Donelson opened up Kentucky and Tennessee for Union advances. If the Confederacy had been able to secure Fort Donelson, it would have been much more difficult for the Union to control Kentucky and Tennessee, and might have delayed or even stopped Union control of the West. Grant’s leadership led to the fall of Vicksburg and Petersburg, and his aggressive tactics caused mass casualties for the Confederacy during the battles of Cold Harbor, Chattanooga,…show more content…
The National Banking Act strengthened the Union economy and funded the war. It stabilized the Union economy by creating a centralized banking system, and successfully funded the war by decreasing federal debt and reducing inflation. If the National Banking Act had not been enacted, then the Union would not have had so much economic support for the war. Since the Confederacy’s strategy was to outlast the Union, they would have had better success if the Union did not have the strong economy and funding created by the National Banking
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