Why Did The Deerfield Raid

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On a cold winter’s day (February 29), the town of Deerfield, Massachusetts was in for the shock of its life (pg. 64). Hundreds of French and Indian individuals invaded this town with tremendous force resulting in a horrific outcome for its habitants (pg. 64). Many were slaughtered, taken captive, and some tried their hardest to get away from the attackers as quickly as possible (pg. 64). Some of the most prominent captives taken from Deerfield were Reverend John Williams and his family (more specifically his daughter Eunice and son Samuel) (pg. 66). In contrast, at the head of the Deerfield raid was a man from New France by the name of Jean-Baptiste Hertel de Rouville (the son of Jean-Francois Hertel de Fresniere) (pg. 209). He was the commander that led the attack of a 200 men army on Deerfield (pg. 209).
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