Why Did The Doukhobor's Move To Canada

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Who are the Doukhobor 's

Doukhobor 's are a set of Russian descenders, who are known for their belief pacifism which brought them notoriety around the 20th century.

Today there are around 20,000 Doukhobor 's in Canada with one third of them still active in their culture of radical pacifism.

Why did the Doukhobor 's come to Canada

The Doukhobor decided to come to Canada because at the time the Prime Minister Sir Wilfred Laurier and the Minister Interior Sir Clifford Stifton were advertising free land to encourage people to settle in Canada. A few people, including a Russian writer whose name was Leo Tolstoy made decision to help the Doukhobor 's move to Canada. The Doukhobor 's were promised free land, the right for there own religion and a guarantee that they would not have to serve in the Canadian Military.

The first group of Doukhobor immigrants left Russia December 21st 1898 on the steamship Lake Huron, this group had 2100 official passengers and a few stowaways. On January 23rd 1899 the first group of Doukhobor 's had made it to Canada, although sadly 10 passengers died on the ship and many were ill. The Doukhobor 's docked at Lawlor 's Island where the quarantine inspector carried out medical examinations. Later the Doukhobor 's moved to Saint John, New Brunswick where the
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Doukhobor 's all believed in the same things for example all Doukhobor 's believed in pacifism, but not all of them showed what they believed in the same way. The Sons of Freedom believed in pacifism but they did not show it the same way other Doukhobor 's showed it, the Sons of Freedom showed what they believed in by nudity and arson while other Doukhobor 's just didn’t partake in violence or serve in the military. Another example is my Deda who is a Doukhobor ate meat while many other Doukhobor 's are vegetarians because of there

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