How Did The French Defeat England During The Seven Years War

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The French failed to defeat England during the Seven Years War despite the many battles that they have won leading up to this event. They have fought four times prior to this war and four times they were successful. With the power to gain control of the new world both the New France and British Colonies were on the move to claim land. New France began their expansion south while the British Colonies began their expansion west. It was only a matter of time for them to meet which they did on July 3, 1754. It began when the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI died and his daughter Maria Theresa. She became Queen of Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia and Archduchess of Austria. Frederick the Great of Prussia questioned her inheritance which of course insulted her. He cited Salic Law of Succession which excluded women from succession to the throne according to France rule. This started a war between Prussia along with its allies against Austria which Frederick took every opportunity to demonstrate his powerful fleets strength. This resulted in a treaty of Aix-La-Chapelle in 1748 which its focus was that of Prussia annexing Silesia leaving France out of the picture, this of course insulted Louis XV. Britain was widely known for their superior navy. Being that Britain was an island, it makes sense that their priorities would be focused on building a large army to defend…show more content…
France’s naval fleet was inferior to the Royal navy which further secured the sea trade for Britain. In 1754, despite the British superior numbers they were not very successful against the French and their Native allies. This was largely to thank to the French Commander Louis-Joseph de Montcalm. The French Commander was experienced and was known to be courageous. With Montcalm in charge, the French army improved their defenses and captured and destroyed other forts in their
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