Why Did The Great Empires Fall?

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An Empire is a group of people or a nation under the control of a powerful emperor or government. Some examples of empires are Macedonian Empire, Roman Empire, and The Mongolian Empire. It takes a good intelligent leader and strong army to build an empire, and also to maintain an empire without these characteristics an empire will fall. The Macedonian Empire started in 808 BC and ended in 168 BC and during a brief period it was the most powerful empire. Under the rule of Alexander the Great the empire reached its highest point. Alexander successfully conquered a huge piece of land all the way to the Indus river making it the most powerful empire during the time of the Macedonian Empire. The way the Macedonian Empire was able to conquer this land was because of Alexander’s leadership and his strong powerful army overpowered the other armies he was going against. The reason the Macedonian Empire fell was because of the start of the Roman Empire. When the Roman Empire started you could see a decline in the Macedonian empire which later…show more content…
The roman Empire controlled a large territory around the Mediterranean including north Africa, most Europe, and some of the middle East. The Roman Empire was able to conquer such vast land by how Technologically advanced they were with their army and daily life too. The people they conquer most of the time did not fight and let themselves get taken over by the Romans because they establish a more civilized society. The people that the Romans conquered saw more advantages than disadvantages, and for that reason they joined the Roman Empire. The Reason the Roman Empire fell is because the military was weak, for barbarians attacked and the Romans could not defend themselves. The Roman Empire was then split into two the eastern and western part when the western fell the eastern became known as the Byzantine Empire. Another empire during this time period is the Mongolian
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