Why Did The Great Wall Outweigh The Costs

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The Great Wall is an amazing place. The Great Wall was built over a long period of time. Many livers were lost during the building of the Great Wall, but the Great Wall did have a great outcome. Some people might think that the costs of the Great Wall outweighed the benefits, but it's pretty clear that the benefits outweighed the costs. First of all, the Great Wall was built for one important reason. It was built to protect the country from invaders. Emperor Shi Huangdi demanded to have this wall build to also keep out their biggest enemies, the rebel groups These rebel groups were also known as the Mongols. Second, the Great Wall had amazing access to materials. The Great Wall was made of stone, brick, and a mix of other materials from the Earth. Since the Great Wall was made of mainly stone and brick, each piece had to be placed one by one. To keep these bricks stuck together workers used lime mortar mixed with sticky rice juice as a cement to keep the bricks together. This sticky rice mixture was convenient because nearby villages grew rice for their food.…show more content…
The Great Wall also made trade a lot more easier since the Great Wall was built close by the Silk Road. Many valuable and luxury items, such as silk, spices, and gold, were traded by merchants on the Silk Road. The Great Wall came to an outcome of 13,170.69 miles long. Finally, others may say that the benefits did not outweigh the costs, but I argue. I think the benefits did outweigh the costs. If you look at the facts and research, it's clear the benefits did outweigh the costs. In conclusion, the Great Wall of China is now an amazing historical place to visit that gets almost 1,000,000 people per year to visit. Those are my reasons on why the benefits outweighed the
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