Greek Maritime Triumphs Essay

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Some events in human history cannot be linked to a common sense whatsoever. Historians often cannot answer why something was ought to begin in the first place. Great example will be one of those occasions when a couple of Greek city/states consolidated and crushed the attack power of the gigantic Persian Empire. The Greeks could win the Greco-Persian War due to their maritime triumphs over the Persians, a couple of key triumphs ashore, and the reason for which they were battling. The maritime triumphs were the most essential commitment to the general accomplishment against the Persians. The Persian naval force was protecting the land powers from being outflanked and after they were pounded the more drawn out had that protection. While the Greeks had not a lot of general triumphs in battle they had some key triumphs. The Battle of Thermopylae is an instance of an indispensable achievement for the Greeks. From a key perspective, by protecting Thermopylae, the Allies were making the most ideal utilization of their powers. For whatever length of time that they…show more content…
The Greeks owe their maritime accomplishment to a man named Themistocles. In the event that it had not been for him then Athens would have not utilized some recently discovered silver to construct 200 new ships for their naval force. These boats were later utilized as a part of the war against the Persians. The two powers were working as one and they were needy upon each other for triumph. The Persian maritime powers were there to ensure the flank of the armed force's progress. In the event that the Persian naval force were absent then the Greeks would have possessed the capacity to get on boats and sail to a spot behind the Persian lines and defeat them. They likewise conveyed supplies to the armed forces that were important for its
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