Why Did The Hindenburg Happen

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The Hindenburg was the fastest airship of its time, and was also the first airship across the Atlantic Ocean. The 242 ton airship was made in Nazi Germany. This disaster was the first disaster caught on camera. The Hindenburg was going to land at Lakehurst, New Jersey when out of nowhere it suddenly caught on fire. This disaster happened early in the morning around 8:00 but you wouldn’t have been able to tell because of how thick the smoke was. It is still not confirmed today how exactly the giant airship caught on fire. What we do know is that out of the 97 people on board only 36 died including the crew. One theory on how the Hindenburg caught on fire is that it was caused by an electric spark. We started making airplanes a couple years…show more content…
That giant 242 ton airship burnt up in less than a minute. The Hindenburg had been the first commercial airship to cross the Atlantic Ocean. People are still trying to figure out how the Hindenburg caught on fire. Hindenburg catching on fire is one of the most memorable disasters because it was the first disaster caught on camera. Even though the Hindenburg wasn’t the most devastating disaster, it was the first one to be shown live across the country. This disaster is still one of the most devastating/memorable disasters that have been recorded in history and before we could record them. The Hindenburg wasn’t broadcasted live on radio. Our U.S. Law prevented the Hindenburg from using helium so instead they had to use hydrogen, which is more flammable than helium. Even though the Hindenburg; which was filled with a really flammable gas; they had a smokers lounge on board. The 242 ton airship took off on a Nazi propaganda mission, which I didn’t know that the Hindenburg was a Nazi airship before doing this project/article. Goebbels wanted to name the giant unlit, flying torch for Adolf Hitler. This giant flammable airship was 804 feet long which is maybe around 100 or so

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