Why Did The Holocaust End

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If schools have to teach about the Holocaust, why do they not teach about other genocides like the Forgotten Genocide? You maybe never heard or been taught about it because it is forgotten. Today we are going to discuss the similarities and differences of the Forgotten Genocide of North Korea and the genocide of the Holocaust. The Holocaust and the North Korean Genocide were both tragic time periods in the history of the world, however, they both include the United States, they were both genocide, and both were also betrayed by their partners. Both the holocaust and the North korean genocide are genocides. They both included mass murdering of over 1 million people. The Holocaust killed over 6 million Jews, 1.1 million children, soviet civilians around 7 million (including 1.3 Soviet Jewish civilians, who are included in the 6 million figure for Jews).Over 16 million people were killed in the Holocaust. The goal of the holocaust was meant to kill all Jews, Homosexuals, and disabled people. This was resolved by the russians gaining an…show more content…
In the holocaust the Jewish and their friends and neighbors turned on them so that they wouldn’t be killed for helping them. If they got caught with jewish refugees they got killed. According to "How Did the Holocaust End?" How Did the Holocaust End? if you helped the jews you were killed by the germans. So therefore, people who used to help the Jews now betrayed them and turned them in. North Korea was promised help by the government but the government never helped the citizens of North Korea and the families. According to "The Forgotten Genocide: North Korea 's Prison State." World Affairs Journal, North Korean government promised food and shelter for the ill and injured. They were so busy trying to fight the war many years later, people died and never got what they were promised. Both genocides had been betrayed by something or someone the could’ve helped out
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