Why Did The Israelites Break Their Covenant With God

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The Israelites broke their covenant with God and they had to be punished for it, in the form of other tribes taking over and having full control over the land to learn obey the covenant. For some reason in every story in the book of Judges they are saved by having someone becoming the leader for them and they go to war to regain their power and land but, every time they regain it back they yet again disobey god and worshipping another idol and doing whatever they want to do. Then they call on God to come and save them and every time God comes and saves them through a leader. by having a war against the other tribes.
An example of this would be the story of Samson. The Israelites had sinned against God so because of that he let the philistines rule against them and have control over them. God comes to save them by producing Samson, who is a nazirite. When it comes to this story its showing that when you obey God he will do any and everything to help you but, if you don’t then he’ll let the other tribe take over and do whatever they please. This story shows God using the form of disobedience as a punishment. For Samson, the problem with him is he should
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He will never give up on you but if they would have obeyed god covenant in the beginning I don’t think they would have gone through all the things they had to go through. they wouldn’t have to go and fight and people wouldn’t be getting killed. In the book of judge’s God use a lot of violence in the stories but I think he had to in order to get his point across to make them understand or they were not going to change. In as you can see in the stories the only time they would change is if something bad was happening to them and they had to ask god for

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