Why Did Egyptians Start To Lose Their Respect For The Israelites

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Why did the Egyptians start to lose their respect for the Israelites?
Since Yaqub and Yusuf had died people started to lose the knowledge that there was only one God. The Israelites had also stopped telling people to worship Allah, since there was no one to tell them what to do.

How did the Pharaohs treat the Israelites?
They treated them like dogs, giving them long labouring hours of work. He also treated them like donkeys, telling them to do this and to do that.

Why did the Israelites refuse to worship the Pharaoh?
The Israelites refused because they believed in Allah and in His Messengers. Pharaoh, therefore, became very angry with the Israelites.
Why did the Pharaoh order that all the newborn baby boys of the Israelites be
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One of the men called for help since they knew he killed the other man. The other man said to Musa Are you going to kill me like you killed the other man yesterday. He ran to a guard and told off Musa. (28:19)

How did Allah help Musa to escape from the Pharaoh 's orders?
The important people of the land had a conversation discussing what the punishment should be for Mussa. They had thought to kill him. One of the important people had told Mussa what they were going to do to him and told him to flee the land. (28:20)

Describe how Musa was provided with a home in Midian for eight years.
When, he arrived at Midian. He was at a place where they fed their sheep. He met two girls they were waiting in line to feed their sheep. Musa asked, why aren 't you feeding your sheep. They replied, we are weak, and the men in front of us are strong. Musa then gave the girls the water for their sheep. (28:23-24) The two girls arrived home sooner than expected. Their father, a priest, was surprised and asked them: 'Why are you home so early, my daughters? ' The girls ' said: 'Allah sent a nobleman to us who got us water. ' Their father realized that it must have been a stranger because no-one there had ever been kind to his
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What arguments did Musa use to convince the Pharaoh that there is only one God?
He said that Allah is the one that gave you water and land to build the roads you walk on. Then Musa threw down his staff, and a large snake had appeared (26:32)

What happened when the king summoned all the best sorcerers to use their magic against Musa?
The next day all the people of Egypt and all the best magician came to the square. The magicians then threw down their staffs and snakes appeared. Musa saw the same thing that the people saw and he was amazed. It seemed to him through their sorcery that their ropes and staffs were sliding. (20: 66) Musa then threw down his staff and a large snake appeared and swallowed the magician 's snakes

What convinced the sorcerers that Musa was a Prophet?
The truth came to pass and what they were doing was proved false. (7: 118)
The. sorcerers could hardly believe what they saw 'What is this? We know sorcery and what it is based on. We know magic in all its forms. We are the masters, the leaders, of the art! But this does not come from sorcery! 'If it had been sorcery, we would have beaten it with sorcery, confronting science with science. But our sorcery fades away in the face of this. It melts away as dew melts before the sun. Where is this from? This must be from Allah!

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