Why Did The Roman Arch Concrete

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Arch was not invented in Rome according to the article “The influence of the Roman Arch”, it stated that ancient Egyptians and Greeks used it earlier with purpose to support small structures. According to Kaam, concrete was invented in Rome. The invention of Concrete made Romans ambition of great architectural designs possible. The Romans might not have invented the arch but were able to resolve many issues along with invention of concrete and with vast expense of labor. Romans were able to get great structures built on arches using the concrete and vaults. The arch consisted of two supports with platform on top, with angled blocks of bricks and stones placed on the imposts in curved pattern. The Romans were able to build wider taller and lighter structures with arch model. They built the arches inside the walls in order to make the walls stronger. According to the “Rome-Volunteer presentation” the three elements of the successful Roman architecture were the arch, concrete and vaults. The beautiful architecture all around the world was the results of these arches, concrete and vault discoveries. The importance of these arches and concretes in the Roman life was enormous. The Roman arches…show more content…
The aqueduct was one evident built, which was built in order to bring the water into cities from farthest areas. The bridges with several tiers of arches on the rivers are another massive example of the possibilities due to arches and concrete. The Colosseum, one of the most famous buildings in the world, was one of the greatest architectural gifts to the world from ancient Romans. The Colosseum which served as stage for entertainments such as for gladiator shows, public executions is one of the most famous building in the present world. The wall of the Colosseum with arches still displays the elaborated features of Roman tradition. Several other cultures, Eastern and Western Europe adapted the Roman
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