Why Did The Roman Empire Grow

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The Roman Empire is one of the most famous and influential empires of all time. When one thinks about Classical Empires, this one probably come to mind first. This is because of the sheer size the Roman Empire encompassed. The vastness of the empire stretched from Mesopotamia to modern day Britain. There are many reasons why the Roman empire grew as big as it did. One reason Rome grew to it’s size is it’s strong military. The large army allowed Rome to conquer many surrounding areas with ease. The army also helped keep the morale in the city high because people felt safe. The boost in morale may have led to a more productive society. One other reason why the Roman empire grew as big as it did is because they were a highly organized society. The people were divided groups which were…show more content…
T his was when the greatest strides in expansion were made. This period was known as the Pax Romana. This literally translates to “Peace time”. The estimated population was 70 million people, an all time high for the empire. Another emperor that really shaped the empire was how it was is the Emperor Trajan. He was emperor from C.E. 98-117. The Reason why he was a really important emperor is because the empire reached its greatest size. Something else important for rome was standardized currency. This made it easier to buy and sell products and this stimulated the economy. The currency also helped unified Rome because as big as an area that it was, the citizens could all unite around having a common currency. Another reason for the unification of the empire was a common language. The common language was Latin. One can see just how influential Rome was is that many languages such as Spanish and French were based off of Latin. The Roman Empire has left a mark on history that will likely never be forgotten. The innovations that came out of the empire continue to shape life
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