DBQ: The Russian Revolution

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Karl Liebknecht once said, “The Russian revolution was to an unprecedented degree the cause of the proletariat of the whole world becoming more revolutionary.” The revolution was a result of tension and disaffection for the Russian people. The Russian revolution was accountable with how Russia withdrew WW1 because of the destruction it brought forth to the Russian economy. The Russian revolution was caused by hard labor, unprepared leaders, and how Russia was industrially behind.
Russia had a huge population of civilians that contributed to hard labor that ultimately escalated to a revolution. In document 7, it shows Russian female peasants at work in the late 1800s. Russian women in this time struggled to work due to machines not being available so they were forced to do things by hand. Peasants were treated like slaves and many of them
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In document 3, it states, “Unarmed Russian men had to be sent into the trenches to wait till their comrades were killed or wounded and their rifles became available.” While soldiers were being sent to war they depended on a comrade's death in order to grab a weapon and fight themselves. Soldiers going into war not provided with weapons shows how Russia was industrially behind and careless. In document 10, it states, “Last spring we had not ploughs enough to do the needed ploughing, and that is we do not have crops. There is not enough rye in the district to take us through the winter, let alone to feed the towns.” The farmers are not having enough supplies by cause of the government's involvement in the war. The townspeople are suffering greatly due to the lack of food resulting in many deaths and that is what made them contribute to the revolution. Many people in Russia such as soldiers and townspeople are anguished with how there is simply not enough supplies to support themselves resulting in hardship and
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