Why Did The Salem Witch Trials Occur

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The Salem Witch Trials are a well known event in history. There are multiple theories for why the hysteria occurred. Over time, as more evidence has been found and more has been learned about their life people have hypothesised new theories. Some of the theories for why such hysteria occurred include, weather affecting the food, the fact that the kids weren’t allowed to play as a result of the strict Puritan laws, and they didn’t appreciate differences between people. These are just a few of many theories about why the delirium occurred.
One reason that people believe the Salem Witch Trials started was due to their food. The summer right before all the pandemonium began was moist. The moist air causes a fungus to grow in the bread called Ergot.
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The majority of the people being accused and convicted of being witches were people who missed church, had poor luck which was a sign of Satan, and were outsiders. Missing church for any reason meant that they belonged to Satan. When a person was sick or were unlucky people thought it was a result of the devil and these people with lousy luck were the first ones to be accused. As more people were accused and more people started accusing though there were more people who didn’t have terrible luck and had good respective names that were being accused. It may’ve continued because people realized they could claim that a person they weren’t fond of was a witch. Some neighbors would accuse each other, and a lot of people believe that they accused each other because they had disagreements about who owned what land. If this is true, then maybe it did not recur due to too many people were starting to not believe it. While many people may believe this speculation, there are numerous others who may find other theories more plausible.
In conclusion, there are numerous theories for why the Salem Witch trials started. Overtime these theories have been changed and new ones have been made as new information has been found. These are just a few among numerous speculations that have been made about what started the Salem Witch Trials. Whether the Salem Witch Trials started because
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