Why Did The South Led To The Civil War Essay

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The North and the South had many differences that led to the Civil War. Some white Southerners claimed that they were separate from the Northern States of America. In 1860 the North and the South had been slowly separating into two different cultures. After Lincoln was elected Southerners felt powerless. While the North was becoming more modern with social, economical, and political differences the South barely changed. The North and the South disagreed over slavery. The North wanted California to enter the union as a free state. For example, “Most Californians opposed slavery.”(Deverell and White,pg 439) Californians opposed but if they were a free state it would favor the free states. Whereas in the South they did not want the state to enter as a free state. For instance,”We are about permanently to destroy the balance of power between the sections.(Deverell and White,pg 439) The Senator of Mississippi did not want…show more content…
The North and the South managed things differently. For instance, “The North produced 97 percent of the country’s firearm and 93 percent of its pig iron. By beginning of the Civil War only one-ninth of the United States industrial capacity was situated in the South.”(The Classroom Synonym) While the North produced one-ninth of the United States industrial capacity was in the South. Industrialization attracted European immigrants that led to them building major cities in the North. For example, “By the 1860 the North population was 23 million compared to the South’s 9 million.”(The Classroom Synonym) When the Europeans heard, they moved to the North and built cities which increased the North’s population. The South had a higher employment rate. For instance, “by contrast 80 percent of Southerners were employed in agriculture compared to 40 percent in the North."(The Classroom Synonym). They also struggled with political
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