Why Did The Spanish Came To The Americas

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The Spanish came to the Americas and took control of the Native Americans and had a

very large impact on their civilization. In 1492 the Spanish came to the Americas. When

the Spanish got there they were able to conquer Native American civilizations. People

wonder why they chose to come to the Americas and how they were able to conquer.

The Spanish and Native Americans had large impacts on each other which left them

both with legacies.

The Spanish came to the Americas to spread the Christian faith and to expand trade.

Christopher Columbus arrived in America in 1492 and, during the next 400 years, the

Spanish arrived and took control of most of the North American continent. When they

arrived, they quickly began opening up new trade routes and
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They had different religious

beliefs, social classes, and agriculture. The Spanish admired the Native Americans

success, and that they were able to flourish even though they had a different way of


The Native Americans lived in isolation until the Spanish came. The Native Americans

had many different religious tribes and the Spanish were Catholic. When the Spanish

conquered the Native Americans their social strata was Spanish on top and the Native

Americans were low down. Yet the Native Americans were still slightly admired by the

Spanish for being able to live by themselves and flourish before the Spanish’s arrival.

After the Spanish took over the Native Americans, life changed for everyone. The cities

were rebuilt and modernized. The Aztecs were forced to change their way of life and

follow the Spanish. Hernan Cortez, a Spanish conquistador was the one who conquered

the Aztec people. “The Aztecs were not allowed to learn of their native culture and were

forced to read and write in Spanish.” (Education.seattlepi.com). The Spanish brought
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