Why Did The Spanish Conquistador Thrive In The Wild

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How did the spanish conquistador thrive in the wild This conquistador walked 400 miles because of a shipwreck. A conquistador named Panfilo Narvaez had thought of of setting up a colonization by the gulf of mexico.He call the mission the Narvaez expedition in his boat came 400 men and one of them was Cabeza De Vaca a 37 year old military veteran.The waves started to get confusing and they sent the Narvaez expedition of course.They landed on present day Tampa bay florida Narvaez ordered 300 men to go explore their surrounding that decision became fateful because they will never see their ships again.They built rafts to try to find colonization but after landing on Galveston island , Texas 250 men became 80, 80 to 18 it was four in the end
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