Why Did The United States Dropped The Atomic Bomb?

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Winning the war would require the United States to abandon its absolute commitment its core values of isolationism, humanitarianism, and democracy At the time, it appeared that both Hitler and Japan were bent on total domination. Hitler had taken over nearly all of Europe, and the Japan was expanding its influence in the Pacific. Both nations had demonstrated that they were willing to do anything to achieve their goals. It was not hard to conceive that if Germany was successful, nearly all of Europe would fall. This would not bode well for the United States economically because it would close off our trade connections with Europe. Once the Pearl Harbor was attacked, US involvement was no longer a question. Public opinion changed overnight,…show more content…
Some argue that it was the single most offensive act that the United States has ever committed, but it was necessary at the time. The bomb is used to paint the United States as evil villains. Looking at Japanese treatment of our soldiers at the march if Baatan, and the nations total commitment to victory, we can see why the decision was made. Atomic bomb aside, I do not see the United States abandoning its principle of humanitarianism during the War. After the war, the United States did everything in its power to rebuild both Japan and Germany. We airlifted food to those trapped in East Germany, and we provided reconstruction surgeries to those affected my the atomic bomb. We did was was necessary to win the war, but we did not fully abandon out principles on humanitarianism. The United States, fought to keep the world safe for democracy, well that is United States approved democracy. After the war, we continuously imposed “democratic” leaders by tyrannical means. This was done not in the name of democracy, but as a means to secure our interests around the World. This abandonment of our values has been the catalysts to many of our nations problems
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