Why Did The United States Gain Economic Power

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During the late eighteen hundreds a few decades after the civil war the United States had fallen into a great depression and was lacking resources and economical power. The need for economical growth was crucial. The united states needed to gain economical power so that we could trade with countries overseas and to show everyone how much power we really had. Social Darwinism started because countries were trying to gain more power this influenced the United States to try and gain more power than most other countries. But “All the united states wanted was for our neighboring countries to be stable, orderly and prosperous. So we used our power to start imperialism and to gain allies and start a foreign policy with other countries for trade …show more content…

After they gained power in these countries they commanded parts of countries for naval bases and resource plantations. To take over most countries they used the big stick policy, give us this or we will use our power against you and ruin you, so make friends with us and it 's all good.
Since the gaining economical and political power so crucial social darwinism started. whoever had the most power would take it all. The united states had achieved lots of power, economically and politically. After we gained power of a number of small countries we couldn 't give them back so we demanded use of land for naval bases and resources. we educated the filipinos, uplifted and civilized them the best we could to help them and us.
After the civil war the united stated need economic growth. they started with making their navy stronger and increasing their political and economical power. After they had strengthened their country they had to acquire bases overseas so that no one could mess with them. Because they have a big stick and will use it. this all started to gain resources so they started to trade and made friends with other countries making a foreign policy. they did this all and created an amazing country using imperialism with their power to make friends and trade staring a foreign

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