Why Did The War Of 1812 Changed America?

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Imagine fighting in a war with 6,000 soldiers while you’re up against 243,000. Seems impossible right? Well in fact that’s what happened in the War of 1812. America had 246,000 less soldiers than the British. After The War of 1812, America realized it needed to upgrade and improve their tiny army. The War of 1812 changed America. It caused us to grow our army to what it is today. But did America really grow there army after these wars..? Before the War of 1812 America had only 6,000 soldiers and 12 active warships because of the spending cut on the military. We were in no shape to be going into war, much less against the strongest army in the world at that time. The British had over 243,000 soldiers and 500 active warships. With that amount

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