Why Did The Weimar Republic Collapse

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The Weimar Republic was created in the midst of a country that had been defeated in a world war and had to sign a treaty that crippled it. It was a very difficult job and any government would have had a hard time running a country with all of them problems. One of the main events that haunted the Weimar Republic throughout and caused it to collapse was the treaty of Versailles and the aftermath. The German people thought that the treaty was unfair so blamed that and the problems from the treaty on the Weimar government. The Weimar constitution was another part of the reason why the Weimar Republic collapsed. This was due to the fact that there were flaws that meant government laws couldn’t be passed easily and a law that meant the president could basically have full control in an “emergency”. Propaganda from extreme parties, The Wall Street crash, the rise of the Nazi party and all of the above stated each played a part in why the Weimar Republic collapsed.

Although the Weimar constitution seemed well thought out and was a good democracy, there were significant flaws that ended up being important in the collapse of the Weimar Republic. The first flaw was proportional
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It started with the treaty of Versailles, which lead to the Weimar Republic being blamed for that and all the economic problems that succeeded it. There were also problems in the constitution which weakened their power to make laws and eventually allowed Hitler to take control. Although Stresemann managed to relieve the pressure, it was the beginning of the end after the Wall Street crash that left Germany in depression. The people had lost all hope and looked to the party that was offering change, which turned out to be the Nazi party. While there were individual problems with the Weimar Republic, it seems that the situation would have been inevitable for any government taking power in their
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