Why Did The Wright Brothers Intellectual Risk Takers

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Did you know that the Wright Brothers created the first drivable plane The Wright Brothers had many obstacles but they always made their way through. Lots doubted the Wright Brothers but they know to never give up. Many things encountered them like their mother dying. So here are some of their scholarly traits hope you enjoy this. The Wright Brothers were intellectual risk takers. Orville dropped out of high school in 1889 to help out with his family after his mother died. Another example is that when they first had their plans they wanted to show other scientists but they were rejected so instead they made even better plans and showed them what they could do. A final example would be that they skipped college to continue their research on planes. So now you know some examples of why the Wright Brothers were intellectual risk takers.…show more content…
Did you know that one of the resources the Wright Brothers used was a toy- -that you spun and it flew upwards. Also, they used airplane plans that failed and corrected them to find out how control airplanes. They also watched how birds fly to know how to control a airplane at flight. So now you how many resources the Wright Brothers had to use. The Wright Brothers had to set many goals to become a scientist. One of the Wright Brothers goals as a children was to create a sled and guess what they did. As teenagers the Wright Brothers wanted to create the printing press for their father 's newspaper company, guess what they did create the printing press. You probably guessed this goal because of course one of their goals was to create a airplane. So now you know some of the goals the Wright Brothers had. So now you know why I choose the Wright Brothers so they are so amazing. They were so important to our everyday lives. They really inspired me did they for you. The Wright Brothers really did have a good impact on me. So now you know some of their scholarly

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