Why Did Thomas Jefferson Despise Democracy Today

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Three Reasons Thomas Jefferson Would Despise Democracy Today During the late 1700’s, a beautiful thing happened within the world. A country came about that began to dominate the world. The principles on which which this country rested were presented by a man of great intelligence. This man is none other than Thomas Jefferson, whom presented this country the foundation of principals for which is still stands today. However, that may not be entirely the case, as Paul Cartledge explains, “There is no one 'democracy ' but rather a multiplicity of them”. Cartledge is correct in this explanation, due to the fact that Democracy has changed tremendously within the U.S.. Democracy began with the idea of civilian government, and within Thomas Jefferson 's Declaration of Independence, these ideas are expressed. However, democracy has changed over the 250 years since that moment, and it is clear that Jefferson would definitely have certain things to say about it. There are three reasons why Thomas Jefferson critical of the United States form of Democracy today. To begin with, Thomas Jefferson would be critical of the fact that America is slave free now. Understanding that Jefferson…show more content…
Conclusively, this country has changed drastically since 1776, and Thomas Jefferson would be very critical of how its democracy has changed. However, not everything has changed for the worse, many things have improved such as technological advances. But in terms of democracy, this country has taken a dark turn. People are monitored out of their own will, lied to over media, and given a president with no control. Thomas Jefferson’s version of Democracy would definitely contradict todays, but without change in the world nothing interesting would ever happen. Jack Ma states, “Most importantly, at Alibaba, we still have the dream in our hearts. We want to change the future.” This is important because wanting to change one of the most important factors in the progression of this country and the
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