Why Did Tom Whittaker Lose His Foot In A Tragic Car Accident

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Tom Whittaker, amputee who lost his foot in a tragic automobile accident, Mark Inglis double amputee who lost both his legs in a terrible blizzard on mount cook, Lori Schneider, multiple sclerosis, at times can 't feel the left side of her body.These three climbers face mount Everest, but they 're different...they have disabilities. Tom Whittaker was a climber with a passion, until tragedy struck Tom was in a automobile accident that took his right foot from him, but that didn 't stop his love for climbing.Tom started training again but he used his daughter instead of 50 pounds of luggage.Foot his foot he used a prosthesis made from hard plastic and metal,which gave him the ability to flex the prosthesis, although the prosthesis cost a whopping 3,800 dollars.Tom tried going up twice before but was denied by sickness and storms.On Tom 's third attempt(led by his wife Cindy)he made it to the top,making himself the first amputee to summit Everest. Mark Inglis was another climber with a passion.But while working as a mountain rescue guide got trapped in an ice cave with fellow climber Phil Doole and was trapped in there for 14 days before being rescued.When they were rescued they were both barely alive and had gotten…show more content…
Lori Schneider was normal growing up but was not very athletic, but still tried to embrace her dad 's love for running but never really enjoyed doing it.Once Lori became an adult she got a teaching career in special education for 20 years.When Lori’s dad’s 61th birthday came around they decided to climb Kilimanjaro and summited on her dad 's 61st birthday, but they had so much fun they decided to climb mt. Aconcagua but when they got back down from the mountain in 1999 Lori was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which sometimes made it so she couldn 't feel the left side of her body.But Lori still wanted to climb the seven summits and that she did,after 16 years of climbing and training Lori summited Everest 2009 finishing all of the seven
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