Why Did Typhons Fall

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Typhon was giant so tall his head touched the heavens. He had the body of a man, but each leg was an enormous viper coil that twisted and hissed as he moved. He had a head that carried 100 snake heads that constantly spit fire and screeched . All that is described of his human like head are glowing red eyes that drove fear into the hearts of all that looked upon them, he had a mouth that breathed fire. He had hundreds of wings all over his body and feathers all the way around. Typhon challenged Zeus for ruler of the cosmos. Typhon wanted to be in full control of the cosmos but Zeus would not allow that, that 's when Typhon became very angry and started throwing fireballs at Zeus home and around his village. All of the gods feared that Typhon would destroy their homes and the whole world. Zeus left Mt. Olympus because he needed time to think of a plan, he turned into a ram with all of the other gods that fled to Egypt. While Typhon was destroying the cosmos he started chasing the gods clear to Egypt but Typhon lost them he did not know where they all went, that’s because they all turned into different animals and Typhon didn’t see them…show more content…
The battle between Zeus and Typhon was amazing Typhon hurling mountains at Zeus, Zeus raining down lighting bolts on Typhon, Typhon cut out the tendons of Zeus 's hands and feet and left them next to him in the cave, she left them with him because knew Zeus son was going to save him and stitch the tendons back into Zeus hands

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