Why Did Umuofia Fall Apart

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Umuofia fell apart in society and the potential causes for this fall because it was caused by the changes, the missionaries had brought to Umuofia. They introduced a new religion to replace the original one which helped people in the village together, another way was the white men claiming they had more almighty god and accused the Ibo people praying to false gods. They took dexterous and strong approach to introducing the religion to the village men. When the whites enter Umuofia, many people joined the Christian missionaries, forsaken their fellow tribesmen. This caused disfigurement towards the strength of the villages as whole as many people have left. In addition, Nwoye and Nneka the twins who’s in the family seem to be looked at as bad luck, the osu and other joined the missionaries. “Now he has won our brothers, and our clan can no longer act like one. He has put a knife on the things that held us together and we have fallen apart.” This quote or passage obviously fixed the demolition of the Igbo people’s…show more content…
Along the influence from a leader, and consternation current in the people, more people started to join the Christianity and its government. These people lost their power to fight, Umuofia was not a village any more that practiced wrestling. They who’d taken up the foreign religion and claimed that its own religion was bad. This propose the clan losing agency as its people get drained to the Christianity. “ he has won our brothers, and clan no longer acts like one.” The Christians were adept people. They perceive to subdue and change the clan, they came softly and peacefully. But took over the clan, unrecognized. We can see that the clan has accomplished dire changes and one day to fall apart. “He has put on a knife that held people together and we have fallen apart.” Okonkwo tried his best but has gave up because of the
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