Why Did Us Join World War 1

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The United States joined World War I in April 1917. There were multiple factors that drove the United States into joining the war. Some factors included economic interest, German violations, cultural ties, and for the chance to have a peaceful tomorrow. For the first three years of the war, the United States found it best to remain neutral as it had no need to join. America was focused on Latin America and Asia; thus, it had no interest in European problems. America continued to remain impartial and trade with all countries, but soon enough America was pulled into the war.

Because the country was now occupied by immigrants, it faced cultural ties. At the beginning of the war, President Wilson decided it would be best to remain neutral. But, British propaganda was trying to convince Americans to join the war and become their allies. They did this
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President Wilson believed that by winning the war, the world would be a safer place for democracy. He also saw a postwar world vision in which the United States dominated. To him, it was a chance for America to lead a postwar peace conference. A year after joining the war, President Wilson wrote the Fourteen Points. The Fourteen Points was Wilson's way of preventing another war. The Fourteen Points emphasized self-determination, freedom overseas, and collective security. Wilson wanted to essentially Americanize the world. The Fourteen Points had Americans supporting the war even more. Unfortunately, Wilson's goals were never meet. The United States never officially participated in the League of nations, which was a part of the Fourteen Points meant to emphasize collective security. Once the countries met for the Versailles Treaty, it was obvious that the European countries sought vengeance as they believed Germany was to blame for the

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