Why Did World War 1 Happen Essay

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World War 1 was one of the most biggest, memorable war that happen in world history. We all know we should learn from our mistakes, but then why did World War 2 happen? World War 1 was fought from 1914 to 1980, a 4-year war that caused so much disruption in Europe and the Middle East, between, The Central Powers, (also known as the Entente Powers) and The Triple Alliance. Although historians agree that there were four important causes of World War 1, Militarism contributed the most to the outbreak of war. This is because in the late 19 century, power was all about the competition of militarism between the major European powers. To begin with, the cause of militarism started growing because of the competition between European powers wanting to grow their militaries and preparing them for war. Countries wanted to built up a strong powerful army/navy to give the nations the means and will to start war. New weapons were created and produced before 1914. This lead to Great Britain and Germany increasing…show more content…
Nations didn’t just focus on increasing their armies, or making their soldiers stronger, they also focused on having better technology than the other nations. Machine guns played a big role during the war, they would fire up to 600 small-calibre rounds per minute, killing many men. The different types of machine guns that were used in war were: Maxine gun, Vickers, hotchkiss gun, and Fiat. As the number of machine guns increased during the war, armies became vulnerable to heavy artillery, which caused the majority of deaths. Machine guns had changed battlescape forever. As the technology for4 war increased, they were effective when armies were on the move. Because of machine guns, warfare after WW1 would mostly focus on small unit tactics. Without machine guns, WW1 would have taken much longer, and there would probably ended in different
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