Why Did World War 1 Occur

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World War 1 is a fight between nations that started in countries of Germany, Bulgaria, and Austria-Hungary as they fought for independent of their countries as a result of colonialism that had already been done by the Great Britain and other major colonies like France, United Nations and Japan. There were a number of reasons why the war began; firstly is due to the assassination of prominent leader Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This incidence was the immediate cause of World War I because he was a leader from Austria-Hungry assassinated by the Serbian Government. This act Austria-Hungry declare a war on Serbia who had alliance with Russia and thus leading to a Great War happening because Germany had mad alliance with Austria-Hungry declaring war on Russia. As a result, this mutual alliances made by this nations to declare war on each other. Secondly is nationalism. It is the need of a particular nation to have its own state and own independence. Nationalists come up with the ideas of superiority where they felt that their nation is superior than others and this happened when Slavic people from Austria-Hungry they wanted to part Serbia who had alliance with Russia leading to Austria-Hungry declaring war on Serbia because people from Bosnia wanted to be in Serbia citizens and this made Austria-Hungry to be against that move of the…show more content…
During this time of imperialism, Africa and Asia were the nations, which had raw materials thus made nations to desire these raw materials like the fertile land, foodstuffs and precious materials like gold and copper. Africa and Asia were therefore colonized by the Great Nations in order to expand their territories and get more raw materials, which lead to stiff competition of needing many raw materials to expand their wealth and power among the great nation’s leading to Great War, which is the World War

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