Why I Join PASA

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Why did you join PASA? I joined PASA because I really wanted to see what it was all about. What also grabbed my attention were the free workshops that IP offered. When I think about it now I don't think I would've known about PASA at all without being tabled my first semester coming into college, Fall 14. I remember being tabled by Sammy Salvador and Christian Martinez. I was unknown to what the Filipino American college organization experience. I kind of had a slight exposure to Filipino clubs in high school, but what younger me didn't know what I had ahead. My favorite part of the Filipino club was performing Tinikling at the end of the year for the school’s international week. That was pretty much the only thing to look forward to. The club was like most of the …show more content…

I was able to be a part of Pilipino Culture Night. This PCN was titled In Tune and On Time, one I hold dear in my heart. In PCN there are so many Filipino cultural dances that I end up being captivated by all of them. Knowing I can't do all of them I end up choosing 2-3 dances. All of us rehearse for long hours and weeks for PCN. The end result for this PCN was spectacular and we couldn't have been any happier. At the curtain call for PCN I felt very proud as we bowed for each dance and committee we were in. PCNs are the most remarkable events within PASA for me. Being in a Filipino organization is one way I am able to identify as a Filipino, and PCNs are a huge part. I am always continuing to learn new ways to identify as Filipino. What is your favorite event in PASA? My favorite event in PASA is AKA because not only will you find out who will be your newest ading or grand, but it is also exciting seeing others and their pairings. Also what would be a better day then repping your fam and going to get some bomb ass Costco food and having a spontaneous day at Chuck E Cheese? You didn't expect this coming into PASA didn't you? Are you hyped for

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