Discrimination: Why Does Discrimination Happen?

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Question: Why does discrimination happen?
My answer: To me discrimination is a really big word. To me discrimination means to not include someone in something because of how they are, their raise, their skin colour, their sex and their age is. Which in my opinion isn’t really something right to do against people because they aren’t a certain type of person which society calls “perfect.” One of the biggest questions that people ask while reading/talking about discrimination is well why does it happen? My answer to that would be that because some people in our society believe that just because you aren’t a certain raise, age, sex, and skin colour that they have the full right to tell you what you can do and can't do. Which I
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Also to think about how that person in that position felt. What would that person in that situation have been thinking then? I myself have actually seen a form of discrimination and I still feel that it happens in every classroom each and every day. But still no one even tries to stop it and tell the person who is doing it to stop and tell them that it is wrong. Also that they could be hurting someone from the inside really badly. The form of discrimination that I have seen is that not including someone in a group because of how “smart” they are. This usually ends up happening when the teacher says “you guys can pick your own groups.” As soon as those seven words are said students (even myself) start making eye contact with the people we want to be with but then their are always a couple of student who are left out. That don’t have a group to work with. But then when they start asking people if they can join their group there's always this talk between the rest of this group “ why does he/she have to be in our group he/she are so dumb they fail on everything” (which I myself don’t say). Then as soon as that discussion is done they say no to the person who is asking them to apart of their group. Which by the way they don’t actually realise how bad they are making the person feel. But what they don't think about is that once they were also dumb and didn’t know anything and used to ask for help from others. So why should they have the right to tell someone how “smart” you are

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