Why Do African Americans Use The N Word Essay

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hen some people think of the Nigger they commonly visualize a time where there was a very negative connotation to its meaning. They think back on the context of the word in the early 1900’s when it was used to define who African Americans were thought to be (Jones, Pg5). Some may even say that the word is so taboo that it is uncomfortable to be in the same space as someone who uses the word often. The word "nigga" is a well­known word in the average African American’s vocabulary. While some may find it easy to use this word, they fail to realize that this is a hurtful racial slur indicated to denounce African Americans. The “N” word shouldn’t be used by Americans because it causes division in the community and has a racist history. African…show more content…
Also, in time where discrimination and other violent actions against African Americans were considered acceptable or normal by a large number of people. The word is a sign of everything that the Americans’ who were slaves fought so hard against in the war for Civil Rights Movements. The continuous use of the word 3 Sanders shows the ignorance and disregards that so many have for people who have fought so hard for us to have freedom. The “N” word has been involved in many racial divides in the world. President Obama’s recent use of the “N” word in an interview, “Racism. We are not cured of it. And it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say “nigga” in public” (Zaura, Deena),shows that although racism is somewhat silent it still exist in large number across the states. There should be no reason for blacks to use the racial slurs that were thrown at African American men, in a sense, to strip them or their humanity to be used on a daily bases. There are far too many other terms of endearment that African American’s can use towards each other that have a lessened pressure of the word to it. While some African American’s have become accustomed to using the “N” word, some
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