Why Do Aliens Exist

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An alien is an intelligent being from a planet other than Earth. It is heavily debated whether aliens even exist or not. However, aliens most certainly do exist due to the fact that many planets have the ingredients needed for life, many planets are in their star’s habitable zone, and the universe is so large and old that there must be something out there.

First, many planets have the necessary ingredients for life. The ingredients for life are liquid water, energy, and organic material. Mars, Enceladus, Europa, and Titan have evidence of these things (Green). All of these moons and the planet have these ingredients and they are just in our solar system. Imagine what's outside of our solar system. Mars may have had life because it used to
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There has to be something out there. If there are aliens outside our local group, we’ll never know because the universe is constantly growing, faster than we can travel (Kurzgesagt). In other words, if we don't find aliens that doesn't mean they don't exist; they may just be too far away. The Milky Way is thirteen billion years old and, about two billion years after the Big Bang, habitable planets were born. Earth is only four billion years old, so that means there have been many planets in between that have had a chance for life (Kurzgesagt). The odds are definitely stacked towards aliens timewise. “Our Earth didn't form until about nine billion years after the big bang. Countless other planets should've formed earlier and given life a chance to get underway, billions or certainly many millions of years earlier than happened on Earth. If just a few of them had spawned intelligent life and started creating technology, that technology would’ve had millions of years to grow in complexity or power” (Anderson). In short, there have been many chances for life to form, so something must be out there. All things considered, aliens must exist because of the age and size of the

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