Why Do American People Unify During WWII?

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When the Great Depression came to an end and the U.S. economy recovered, a plethora of new problems arose in Europe and Asia. One country in particular was Germany who suffered greatly after World War I because of the requirements made in the Treaty of Versailles. The Nazi Party, led by Adolf Hitler, came into power shortly and promised to bring greatness back into Germany with the concept of totalitarianism. In Asia, Japan increased its aggressive nature by overtaking many nations as well as attacking China under Hirohito. After Germany attacked many European countries and Japan surprise attacked Pearl Harbor, the United States, Britain and France were at war with the opposing forces. During World War II, the American people demonstrated such…show more content…
These would be the only factors that would cause the American people to unify because all Americans care about the safety of the country and would never want to see an enemy step foot into the country. Anything else would not cause unification because everyone has different views on everything except the safety and well-being of democracy and capitalism. Being threatened causes humans to jump into a defensive mode and this is what makes it easy for a nation to come together; we are always willing to do anything to keep our safety in check. I also firmly believe that if there was another attack on the homeland like Pearl Harbor or 9/11, the country would unite to fight. Attacks like these show the nation that although we are a superpower, we are open targets. Any major attack on the United States would unify the people because it would instill fear, which would make them want to prevent it from happening again. I believe it would be more difficult now to unite the country compared to World War II because less people knew about the corruption that sometimes occurs within the government. With the advancement of technology and the press, people are much more wary and distrustful of the government. For example, after the invasion of Iraq, it was shown that there was no point for it except to obtain oil because Osama Bin Laden was not there. Unlike back then, the people no longer believe every word the government says and it is likely that people will question the intentions of another

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