Why Do Americans Trust Their Government

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The government is an essential key figure to keep law and order in our country. It makes the big decisions no one wants to partake in. It's a tough job; to ensure the people are content with the choices made and if it was the right one. Despite the efforts the government does on solving many issues, do Americans trust their government? After the attack on 9/11, a poll conducted by Gallup, shows a decrease trust in our government. From 60% in 2001 to 19% in 2009, Americans just always or most of the time trust the government to do what is right. From 39% in 2001 to 81% in 2009, Americans only sometimes or never trust the government to do what is right. Thus, showing an increase of distrust in the government. Oddly enough, most Americans don't trust the government but we expect the government to do a lot. Americans are basically the annoying babies that want and complain over everything and the government are our parents. Americans want complete…show more content…
We tolerate economic inequality more than political inequality. Though people argue that the rich should distribute their wealth to everyone. But, if I were to be poor and lazy, I would rely on the income from the rich. I wouldn't want go to work. So, people would continue to rely on the rich rather than trying to reach the ‘American Dream’ in a way. At the same time, we believe that there should be an equal opportunity for everyone but not an equal result. Meaning, you are on your own. We are believers of individual freedom and individual effort allows people to make it through in society. Your hard work and dedication will lead you up to somewhere, whether it's a raise or a suddenly becoming rich. Not everyone can be rich or poor or middle class. There must be a difference, there must be class. We are complex beings whereas we can never please each other as a whole. It’s contradictory. We want assistance but we praise
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