Why Do Americans Use Guns In Ww1

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“ They say that guns don’t kill people, people kill people “ -Eddie Izzard. The Mp-45 was used a lot. The Americans and Australians used it. The Americans shipped most of the guns to Australia for defense and to help the U.S. in the war. This was a very neat gun because of the way it looked. It did not have really any designs and looked really weird The guy that made this gun made this gun fast and easy for war . Where they could get it and go straight to battle with no problem. This gun is the Mp-45 “Liberator “ pistol. The Mp-45. Made by General Eisenhower . He wanted to make something that had power and was fast to pull out and shoot. Since the U.S. was in the war he wanted to make something quick and easy for the Americans . It was made on May of 1942. It sounded a little bit louder than a regular pistol. It was because it was so old. Another reason it was loud is because it had a rifle barrel which made it loud. It was not designed for rapid repeated fire because the bullets would then become sticky and get jammed in the gun. It looked the way it did because it was for war. It was made…show more content…
It was made fast and simple and all the others took time and had hard work but this one was made fast and thrown together for war. It was the only kind of it’s manufacturing made. It was like this because there was not any time to plan something out to make many modifications or anything special to it. Mostley all there guns were made with time. All the other guns were made with time and were made before the war so they had time to make clips and make bigger gun powder holders and everything to make it a bigger better more powerful gun. It had just twenty - three largely stamped and turned steel parts that were cheap and easy to manufacture. The “liberator” was shipped in cardboard boxes with ten rounds of .45 ACP ammunition. Extra ammunition could be kept in the handle of the gun. It was and clumsy

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