Why Do Animals's Eyes Turn Green In The Dark

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Huaqing Ying
Professor Frank Mayer
PHS 208
Extra Credit-Research Paper
Why animals’ eyes turn green in the dark I pet a cat when I lived with my parents, and she grows up with me for about five years. When I was young, I always wondered why her eyes glowed when she was hiding in a dark corner. So I did some research.
Why animals’ eyes have colors The cat's eyes are similar to the human eye, and it also structure with the cornea, iris, lens, retina, and so on. And these structures cause the color of cats’ eyes. The cat's eyes are blue, green, yellow, brown, and the iris mainly decides the color. Iris is the pupil color part of the circle, this part mainly consists of sphincter, like the aperture of the camera control by the amount of light,
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According to the Elmar, “In clouds, we have water drops, which are much bigger than the air molecules.” The water vapor in the air is invisible, but when they rise to high altitude, cold air condenses into water droplets, until the water droplets to accumulate enough, and this process formed the cloud. But if the sun hid, what we see is dark clouds. This kind of getting larger droplets in the clouds, there will be a heavy rain coming soon.
Why do the clouds appear red at sunset According to the Anton, “the red color in the sky at sunset (and sunrise) is due to an effect called Rayleigh scattering”. Rayleigh scattering can explain why the sky is blue. During the day, the sun on the top of the head, as the sun passes through the atmosphere, and the air molecules (whose radius is far smaller than the wavelength of visible light) Rayleigh scattering occurs, because the blue light wavelength longer than red light. As Rayleigh scattering occurs more intense, the scattered blue lights was full of the sky, and make the sky more blue. Besides, the sun appear white or yellow, because it is to see more direct light instead of scattering light, so the color of the sun (white) basic unchanged - light wavelength long red and yellow and blue-green light was scattering (small). When sunrise happened, the sun is almost in front of the our line of sight, we can only see red and orange light, this is why the sunset near the sun appears red, and cloud is red because of reflected sunlight, but the sky is still
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